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the peshawar lancers wikipedia - the peshawar lancers is an alternate history steampunk post apocalyptic fiction adventure novel by s m stirling with its point of divergence occurring in 1878 when the earth is struck by a devastating meteor shower the novel s plot takes place in the year 2025 at a time when the british empire has become the powerful angrezi raj and is gradually recolonizing the world alongside other, alternate history books and media alternate history - alternate history books and media talk about published works of alternate history and post reviews and opinions on them discuss rate and post links to ah sites on the web, structure of the pakistan army wikipedia - the structure of the pakistan army can be broken down two ways administrative and operational operationally the pakistan army is divided in 9 corps and two corps level formations commands having areas of responsibility aor from mountainous regions of northern pakistan to the desert and coastal regions of the south, the tank museum roll of honour - the original roll of honour can be seen in the rac memorial room at the tank museum the royal armoured corps the royal armoured corps was created shortly before the second world war to bring together all those regiments of the british army then serving in tank and armoured reconnaissance regiments, aurel stein s work in the north west frontier province - introduction aurel stein s work in the aurel stein s work in the north west frontier province north west frontier nwfp map 1 pakistan includes archaeological tours survey work and excavations carried out during his service in province pakistan india from 1898 to 1928, what is steampunk steampunk com - this is a good question that is difficult to answer to me steampunk has always been first and foremost a literary genre or least a subgenre of science fiction and fantasy that includes social or technological aspects of the 19th century the steam usually with some deconstruction of reimagining of or rebellion against parts of it the punk, officers of the indian army 1939 1945 r unit histories - colonel the rajputana rifles 1946 honorary colonel 5th battalion the welch regiment ta 21 08 1951 honorary president the boys brigade wales, search the records cpgw ww1 soldier records - cpgw craven s part in the great war soldier records from the first world war, obituaries your life moments - obituaries for the last 7 days on your life moments, officers of the indian army 1939 1945 b unit histories - looking for details on a british indian army officer not listed here yet just e mail me and i might be able to help out of course any additions corrections etc can also be e mailed, canoe vid os vedettes tendances voyage - votre portail d information sur l actualit la culture le showbiz les sports la sant les technologies la finance les voyages la mode et l habitation